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Santo Stefano di Camastra

The City of Ceramics

Art is its seal in the squares and shops, in the palaces and on the walls. Santo Stefano, an open-air museum, seems unreal in its beauty.
Santo Stefano di Camastra is a town in the province of Messina known in Sicily especially for its artisan production of artistic ceramics and is part of the Nebrodi Park.
The working of clay is probably as old as Santo Stefano itself, the Museum of Ceramics of S. Stefano di Camastra was created after years of work and great will, because the famous Palazzo Trabia became a temple of history, art, culture and traditions. The Museum represents the memory of the past in the rediscovery of ancient traces and at the same time the knowledge of the present.
The figuli (potters) have characterized the culture and economy of St. Stephen up to the point to be taken to some neighboring country a single derogatory term to indicate the complex of its inhabitants: cantarara, producers of pitals, a clear deformation of the most noble quartarara or lanciddara, from the name of the vases to whose exclusive production many were dedicated.


Precious Pearl of Sicily

Cefalù is an enchanting and charming town overlooking the Tyrrhenian coast of Sicily, the origins of the place are very old, perhaps dating back to prehistoric times. Acquired by the Normans (eleventh century), it enjoyed great monumental and urban development so as to become one of the tourist centers of excellence of Sicily with dozens of hotels, residences, b & bs and tourist villages, able to combine the historical and monumental beautiful beaches and first-rate accommodation.

Aeolian Islands

The seven wonderful Unesco Heritage Islands

The archipelago of the Aeolian Islands in Sicily is made up of seven splendid islands, Lipari, Panarea, Vulcano, Stromboli, Salina, Alicudi and Filicudi, and some islets and cliffs emerging from a blue and limpid sea.
The archipelago, characterized by a wild and uncontaminated nature, also includes two active volcanoes, Stromboli and Vulcano, destination every year of tens of thousands of tourists. The main settlement is represented by the municipality of Lipari. All belong to the province of Messina. Lipari is the largest island: its municipality collects all the islands except that of Salina.
Interesting the Archaeological Museum, located in the Castle of Lipari, which rises in a wide bay on the east coast, between the two inlets of Marina Lunga, and Marina Corta, still today the best landings.


The Sanctuary and the Lakes

Tindari, a fraction of the municipality of Patti, in the province of Messina, which extends over the Gulf of Patti is a wonderful place to spend unforgettable holidays in Sicily. At Tindari you can visit wonderful and sunny places surrounded by greenery and art and you can also admire the famous Marinello lakes, in a succession of landscapes of exceptional beauty.

What to visit in Tindari

Beyond the archaeological remains and the areas of natural beauty that the time has conserved, once in Tindari, it is surely worth visiting the Sanctuary of the Black Madonna.
The origins of this statue are linked to a legend according to which the sculpture was transported by sea and once landed at Tindari the ship could not start again.
Once the sailors had deposited the cargo, including the statue, the ship managed to take back the sea. The statue was immediately carried on the hill inside a small church that became bigger and bigger in order to accommodate the various pilgrims.
Beyond this beautiful church another very fascinating place is the Tindari Lagoon which can be reached by taking the state road 113, along the Tyrrhenian coast. A truly breathtaking landscape and, for sea lovers, truly unique. Another very attractive place is the beach of Marinello, this beach is talking about itself especially for its beauty. Whatever your ideal holiday, Tindari has a place for you.

Nebrodi Park

Flora and Fauna of Sicily

Given its extension it will not be easy to touch in a short time all the main stages of the Nebrodi Park, however there are several paths accessible by the Park countries and addressed a little bit to all, allowing you to know the Nebrodi in their most intimate.

The flora is present in its typical Mediterranean specimens, especially at low altitude, with large specimens of chestnut, holm oaks and oaks that predominate at higher altitudes. The flora is quite numerous and some specimens still live in the wild, such as the pigs that move in groups or the small herds of Sanfratellani horses that roam along the valleys of the Park.
Also the birdlife is well represented, with large mirrors of natural water that quench the great birds especially during the period of emigration: with a little luck it will be possible to admire the golden eagle and the great griffins.